[Kabale] um Boldtcastle

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[Kabale] um Boldtcastle

Beitrag von Eadee » 21 Jan 2020, 12:01

Bekannte Mitglieder der Kabale sind:
- Adrian Boldt (Orden des Hermes)
- Tyr0n (Virtuelle Adepten)
- Tessa Walkers (Euthanatos)
- Emily Favors (Kult der Extase)
- ?? (Söhne des Ethers)
- ?? (Traumsänger)
I found a light inside me
I want to let it glow
Keep shining right beside me
Follow where I go
So when the thunder comes and
The storm becomes the night
I'll guide you through the lightnin'
Stay close by my side.
-"the storm" TheFatRat